Endoluminal Vein Treatment

Varicose Vein Ablation

At Portland Pain & Spine, endoluminal vein treatment addresses bulging varicose veins that are larger in diameter. The treatment can ease symptoms of pain, swelling, itching and irritation safely without prominent scarring.

What are Varicose Veins?

Blood travels from the heart to the extremities in arteries and back to the heart in veins. Veins have valves that allow blood to fight the force of gravity and successfully reach the heart. If the valves leak, blood pools in the vein and in time, become varicose. Large varicose veins may appear as ropes that are twisted and bulgy.

What Is The Process

First, a local anesthetic is injected to ensure comfort during the process. Then a fiber or electrode is moved to the desired location within the vein through the small incision, using an ultrasound to guide the location. A solution is injected into the tissues around the vein to collapse the vein around the fiber or electrode and act as insulation for the energy’s heat. The heat causes the vessel to close and shrink. A follow-up ultrasound exam is performed, while at Portland Pain and Spine, to check for any adverse outcomes. The follow-up is mandatory and included in the cost.

When Will I See Results?

Partial results are seen immediately, while the target vein should be successfully closed within one week.

Are There Side Effects or Down Time?

The side effects of varicose vein ablation are most commonly bleeding or bruising at the puncture site and tenderness. Less common to rare side effects could be heat damage to nerves which is rare and generally goes away in a short time. Blood clots can cause pulmonary embolism, however this is extremely rare and are screened for at the follow up ultrasound appointment.