Intercostal Nerve Block

What Is Intercostal Nerve Block?

An intercostal nerve block is a type of pain management used to treat chronic check and upper abdomen pain. Through the use of an injection of steroids, they specifically target the intercostal nerves.

Laced in between the ribs, in the middle section of the spine, are your intercostal nerves. Threading through the small muscles between your ribs is one branch of your intercostal nerves. These nerves end at the pectoral muscles and bring sensation to the front of your chest.

A single Intercostal Nerve Block is low risk and can result in permanent pain relief, without the side effects of narcotics. Chronic chest and abdominal pain management has never been so easy to access

What does the procedure look like?

This procedure is done in the clinic, at Portland Pain and Spine. Once in position, comfortable, and completely still, your team will clean the injection site and administer the anesthetic. Your doctor will use fluoroscopy (X-ray) for guidance to correctly place the needle. Once verified it’s in the correct place, the intercostal nerve block is injected. Nerve blocks can be done at one site or multiple blocks along the nerve. From injection to monitoring, the entire procedure takes under an hour.

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